Saturday, February 4, 2012

Shave your Armpit Hair

Anderson Cancer Center concluded that women who shave her armpits, it was 10 times more susceptible to breast cancer compared with women who let her armpit hair grow as it is. Dr. Therese Bevers of M.D.Anderson reveals, with shaved armpits, you will have many invisible wounds and the pores in armpit will swell. This allows toxins and chemicals from variety of products such as deodorant, powder, and creams will easily enter the skin. Antiperspirant deodorant easily add toxin into the skin, because the antiperspirant prevents sweat out and can help the toxin to enter. Toxin that entered it can be buried in the breast, and the result is the emergence of cancer. Bevers explains that armpit hair is useful for protecting the armpit fromf toxic substances that would come from outside the body. Because there are lymph glands in armpit that facilitate toxin transport, especially to the breasts and other body parts. The possibility of toxin transport to other body parts are also available, so the absence of armpit hair also facilitate the growth of cancer in other body parts such as the lungs, heart, and brain, especially if the breast cancer has grown.

For women who lack maintain her cleanliness, absence of armpit hair also allows bacteria and germs buried in the pores and facilitate the occurrence of ulcers or abscesses. Conclusion of the relationship between cancer and underarm shaving is obtained from data collection toward women in the United States and Europe over the last 10 years. American Cancer Society estimates that only in 2002, there will be 175,000 cases of malignant breast cancer in the United States, and 43,000 deaths will occur due to breast cancer. Bevers said that any hair that grows on our bodies is to maintain vital organ which is nearby, and it is ironic that many women shaved her armpits only for fashion reasons, whereas near the armpit there is a very important organ, the breast. Men proved far more secure against this danger, because most men do not shave his armpits. 

Do remove underarm hair by other means such as waxes and pulling also increases susceptibility to cancer? Bevers said, removing armpit hairs with shave is the most dangerous because of the possibility of minor injuries is greater. Wax and pulling will make the pores is much bigger than shaving, so that all have the same danger. Bevers recommends that women do not have to shave her armpits because the danger is very large compared with the benefits.

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